What is the purpose of this Book?

One of the goals of the Uganda Linux User Group is to better promote the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), but far to often we lose sight of this and how to get this more into the public eye. As such the purpose of this book is to quickly assist someone new to the world of Open Source Software to understand what is possible. It also helps those of us who actively advocate FOSS to have a centralized document to which we can refer people.

It will also be used to create future topics and tutorial events themed around it. Where possible it will reuse already existing information from other websites and sources to prevent 'reinventing the wheel'

The book will be editable by all members of the website, editors may at some point be assigned to each section to allow a structure and quality control process to occur, but as much as possible we would like this to be a community project, and shared knowledge.

The structure of the section will be in the form of a FAQ i.e. Can I use Linux to play music?

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