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Distribution Release: SolydXK 201506

Arjen Balfoort has announced the release of SolydXK 201506, an updated set of the project's Debian-based Linux distributions with a choice of Xfce (SolydX) or KDE (SolydK) desktops, plus several community-built editions: "It is time for a new release. The new ISO images are based on Debian Jessie's....

Distribution Release: REMnux 6.0

REMnux is a lightweight, Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for assisting malware analysts with reverse-engineering malicious software. Designed to be run as a virtual machine appliance, REMnux ships with a number of debugging and software analysis utilities. The latest release of REMnux, version 6, offers users several application updates and....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 613

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Fedora 22's KDE spinNews: Linux Mint developers release Cinnamon 2.6, Ubuntu MATE seeks feedback on installation images and FreeBSD's historyQuestions and answers: Working with or around Secure BootTorrent corner: Finnix, openmamba, Sabayon Released last week: Sabayon 15.06, Porteus Kiosk 3.4.0, Finnix 111,....

Distribution Release: Sabayon 15.06

The developers of Sabayon, a Gentoo-based Linux distribution, have announced the availability of Sabayon 15.06. The new release features several package upgrades, including an update to the 4.0 Linux kernel. Sabayon makes proprietary video drivers available for improved graphics performance and ships with a lot of desktop functionality....

Distribution Release: Calculate Linux 14.16.2

Alexander Tratsevskiy has announced the release of Calculate Linux 14.16.2, an updated version of the Gentoo-based distribution for desktops (with KDE or Xfce), servers and media centres: "We are happy to announce the release of Calculate Linux 14.16.2. Main changes: a lighter and more Gentoo-friendly Splashutils tool is....

Distribution Release: Finnix 111

Ryan Finnie has announced the release of version 111 of Finnix, a small Debian-based live Linux distribution for system administrators - now with experimental support for the armhf architecture: "Finnix 111 released. Finnix is a small, self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution for system administrators, based on Debian 'Testing'.....

Development Release: Elive 2.6.6 (Beta)

The developers of Elive, a commercial distribution based on Debian, have announced the availability of Elive 2.6.6. The new test release offers USB 3 support, improved hibernation support and a number of improvements have been made to the distribution's boot loader. "The Elive team is proud to announce....

Limit Load, new arcade combat flight simulator

Stealth development might not be very "open-sourceish", but it sometimes makes for some nice surprises in our project showcase forum.This time it was the completely new open-source game Limit Load, self described as:A cockpit flight game that is more of an arcade than a sim. The game is built on the Panda3D game engine. It is similar to the ancient games like the classic Wings or the very good Strike Commander. The story and the atmosphere are important elements of the game, so a lot of focus is placed on that too.Here is some in-game action and it seems quite polished already for such a new game:Licensing of assets is still a bit of a grey area it seems, but they are fully aware of it:The game code is licensed under GPL 3, and custom-made game assets under CC-by-SA 4.0. Some of the assets were taken from "free" (as in "not sure in which way") sources on the Internet, so their licensing situation is unclear. Eventually these should be cleared for use or replaced.So where is my VR kit? :D This post was retrieved from

Old school 2D RTS Wyrmsun is looking to be greenlit

We were kindly made aware by the main developer of the 2D RTS Wyrmsun that he is currently looking for support to get this game on the Steam platform (link includes a game-play video).Here is a description of the game we got from him:In Wyrmsun, humans, elves and dwarves all seek to carve a place for themselves on their different homeworlds, with humans living on Earth, dwarves dwelling on Nidavellir, and elves inhabiting Alfheim. In the game's missions, each world follows separate storylines, but the various civilizations can be mixed and matched in custom games.Wyrmsun features:

  • Retro-style graphics
  • 2 playable civilizations, and a number of non-playable ones
  • 18 quests to play, earning technology points which can be used to obtain new units, buildings and technologies
  • 38 units, 30 buildings and 14 technologies
  • Units that can earn experience, being able to upgrade to new unit types or acquire new abilities upon level-up
  • Persistent heroes, who carry over their level and abilities throughout scenarios
  • Personal names and traits for units
  • Cave, Conifer Forest, Dungeon, Fairlimbed Forest and Swamp tilesets
  • 33 maps of real and fictional locations to choose from, as well as random maps
  • Living environment, with fauna reproduction and predation
  • Very moddable game, with mod-loading capability built in
  • Grand strategy mode, where production is resolved on the strategic (world map) level, while battles are resolved on the tactical level
  • In-game encyclopedia, allowing players to learn more about the units, buildings and other elements of the game, as well as their historical and mythological sources of inspiration.

For those more inclined to help out with the code, there are two code repositories: one for the game and one for the modified Stratagus engine.P.S.: Yes FOSS games can be on Steam as long as they don't integrate with closed source steam integration libraries; And it can be a great way to attract more users to your game and maybe even collect some donations or sell add-ons (preferably in a "release freely when sufficient funds are gathered" style). See this game for an successful example.This post was retrieved from

New FOSS 3D RTS Engine, OpenRTS!

I had been following this really awesome looking tile based RTS 3D engine project (think Starcraft2 like) on the jMonkey Engine forums for a while, and it is now fully FOSS including the arts assets.Don't expect a playable RTS game, but as you can seen in this video of the in-game level editor a lot of work has been done already:You can contribute to the MIT licensed source on their github page (the author asks for help) and/or head over to the website of engine it uses, jMonkeyEngine, a great project written in Java.This post was retrieved from

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