Get Linux

If you've never experienced Linux before, downloading a copy of Ubuntu is probably the best way to start. There are two main flavors of Ubuntu: Ubuntu and Kubuntu. The primary difference between the two is the look and feel of the user interface. To see the difference for yourself, check out the following screenshots of Ubuntu and Kubuntu

Download Linux from the Internet
You can quickly and easily download both Ubuntu and Kubuntu from servers based right here in Uganda by visiting our downloads page. Note that we recommend using a download application capable of resuming broken downloads in case your Internet connection is interrupted mid-download (Mozilla Firefox works well for this).

For best results, download and install Ubuntu (or Kubuntu), then follow these instructions to enable the use of our locally hosted Ubuntu cache. This will increase your download speeds when performing system updates or software installations from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Note that other Linux distributions (i.e. Debian, Slackware, SuSE, Gentoo) and various open-source software packages are also available on our downloads page. All downloads are locally hosted in Uganda courtesy of Mountbatten Hosting.

Get Linux from local computer shops
These locations either supply Linux DVDs or sell computers pre-loaded with Linux operating systems:

  • Computer Arcade
    Contact: / +2560711486110
    Location: 18C Upper Ground Floor, Oasis Mall, Yusuf Lule Road, Kampala, Uganda (in the hallway opposite to Mr. Price)
    Offers: Computers pre-loaded with Linux

Get help with Linux
If you have trouble installing or using Linux the best place to get help is our mailing list. Simply sign-up and post your question!

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